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The word crisis is usually reserved for world-changing events, the Cuban missile crisis, the refugee crisis. These are things which are remembered in history for their impact on humanity. It is sadly appropriate that the United States of America is currently described as being in a crisis – the opioid – or illicit drug crisis.

If you are reading this article it is likely because you have been affected by this in some way – either directly as a sufferer or as a loved one of a sufferer. Or like so many you are shocked by the extent of the crisis.

You may want to know

What can you do if you are a sufferer?

What drug treatments can help a person through detoxification and withdrawal?

What psychiatric treatment can aid ongoing recovery?

What happens if and when a sufferer relapses?

First we need to know more about the enemy, the substances that people become victims to of.

What comprises the substance abuse problem currently experienced in the United States?


Find out more, this article will be coming to very soon.

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