Connected Commerce Solutions Conquer a Divided Retail World – Phygital Mind

“The end is nigh” …”The writing is on the wall”…Major companies facing “chapter 11” scenarios…How many idioms have you encountered regarding the fate of brick and mortar retail stores?

It seemed inevitable that the last two years would see the decline of physical stores snowball with Armageddon like consequences for the high street.  Interestingly this particular prophecy has not yet been fulfilled.  Consider: In the USA, the country that practically single handledly funded the online warehousing retailing behemoth, 2017 statistics show that 94% of total retail sales are still generated in brick & mortar stores (1).

Could it be that the line drawn in the sand between the old and the new, brick and mortar store commerce and online retail, is not quite as clearly defined as they say?

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